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Portable Product Photography Lightbox Features

Apr 20, 2022

Whether you’re trying to enhance your small business’s website or you’re snapping a picture for eBay or Etsy, the benefits of a great portable lighting studio can have a major impact. As long as your objects fit nicely inside of the photo lightbox, you can produce high-quality product pictures without any professional training or photography experience.

The Portable Studio Lightbox: A Photography Solution for Everyone

All kinds of professionals can use portable lightboxes, including photographers, small business owners, bloggers, e-commerce sellers and more, to create beautiful images that stand out. Foldio photography products make it easy for anyone to take professional-grade pictures. A suitable photo lightbox will provide the optimal illumination and clean background necessary to showcase your products — and Foldio offers just that.

Most users want their lightbox to soften the light cast on an object and provide a background to make the item pop. The Foldio series provides both solutions in one, with a selection of innovative portable photography lightboxes to meet your unique needs.

Who Can Benefit From a Product Photography Kit?

Product photographers find the ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo lightbox kits useful — but who are they? The simple answer is anyone. You can be a product photographer with just a camera or smartphone. If you’re on this page, you’re likely a product seller or creator — rest assured that these lightboxes are for you, too.

Examples of people who can benefit from our photography lighting kits include:

  • Etsy sellers: Whether you’re a crafter, maker or selling vintage clothes, Etsy is a treasure trove for unique items. Create professional product photography with a lightbox for anything from jewelry you’ve crafted to a painting you made yourself.
  • Small business owners: If you have a small business, you’ll likely benefit from product photography. Whether you run a small bakery and want to show off your cupcakes’ intricate frosting or a small clothing shop downtown, these lightboxes will help you showcase your offerings with ease.
  • eBay sellers: If you’re reselling your DVD collection, old laptops, an autographed record or anything in between, product photography will help boost your sales. Shoppers want to see what your products look like, whether they’re in mint condition or have some wear and tear.
  • Poshmark sellers: You can use product photography to turn reselling clothes on platforms like Poshmark into your side hustle. Show all the facets of your used dresses, shirts or shoes with state-of-the-art images from a Foldio series lightbox.

How Does a Photo Lightbox Work?

Also known as a photo light tent, a photography lightbox is a compact box with lights and a backdrop to provide even lighting for product photos.

Most photography lightboxes use LED lighting to surround the subject in smooth, even lighting. The light-reflective or light-absorbing surfaces help diffuse ambient light from many different sources, thus eliminating any glares, spots and unwanted shadows from the shot. Generally, creators rely on lightboxes to adequately diffuse their smartphone or DSLR camera flash.

When uniform lighting hits against a simple, solid backdrop, it offers a clean background for the image and gives it a better sense of dimension. This capability presents consistency between multiple images, resulting in more cohesive product pages and websites. If you decide to buy a Foldio product photography lighting setup, you’ll receive everything you need to get started taking professional-quality photos from your smartphone.

8 Unique Features of Foldio Photography Products

When you choose ORANGEMONKIE, INC Foldio products, you select photography solutions with many innovative features and built-in components to improve your photo-taking abilities. Here are some of the top features of our Foldio series photo studios that’ll enhance your product images:

1. High-Capacity Lighting Capabilities

All Foldio series products use LED lights powered with a USB connection to ensure smooth and uniform lighting inside the portable LED studio photo box. The pre-installed LED strips efficiently reduce unwanted shadows, bouncing light into the places you can’t ordinarily reach. For example, the versatile Foldio1 Mini Studio has dual LED strips for better lighting control in light and dark environments. This feature is valuable for creators intending to travel for their photos, who may need to snap a picture anywhere at any time.

The ORANGEMONKIE, INC 15-inch Foldio2 Plus and 25-inch Foldio3 photo studios improve upon the success of the Foldio1, with a triple LED lighting system that provides sufficient all-around light for your photos. These photography solutions feature dimmable lighting technology that allows users to adjust the brightness with even greater precision and control.

2. Simple Setup and Disassembly

Each ORANGEMONKIE, INC Foldio series photo studio has a magnetic design made for fast assembly in just 10 seconds. The magnetic folding structure makes the setup a breeze. In addition, the components are built to last using high-quality, durable materials — from the lightbox itself to the interchangeable backdrops to the added accessories.

These portable lighting studios offer convenience for compact, work-from-home and constantly changing environments since you can quickly disassemble and store them until you need them next.

3. Compact, Portable Structure

When it comes to the ideal structure for a lightbox, portability and compactness are high on many users’ requirements. The foldable design used across our entire Foldio series provides efficient storage in any environment. The Foldio1 mini studio folds down into a white carrying bag, making it an excellent option for travel. With a compact, portable lightbox, you’re prepared to capture high-quality photos whenever and wherever you need.

While larger, the Foldio3 also features a foldable structure and built-in carrying handle. The 25-by-25-inch studio transforms into a compact design, reducing the necessary storage space by 40% compared to different 25-inch products from other brands. Quickly disassemble the Foldio2 Plus or Foldio3 and slip it into your bag for easy transport.

4. 360-Degree Photo Capabilities

Anyone can create high-quality 360 images when they pair the Foldio3 with the Foldio360 Smart Turntable. The photo lightbox with turntable addition helps you provide consumers with an impactful viewing experience they’re sure to remember. In addition, the user benefits from minimal setup, simple operation and professional-quality photography.

Anyone can create high-quality 360 images when they pair the Foldio3 with the Foldio360 Smart Turntable. The photo lightbox with turntable addition helps you provide consumers with an impactful viewing experience they’re sure to remember. In addition, the user benefits from minimal setup, simple operation and professional-quality photography.

5. Smartphone Compatibility

These convenient light studios are ideal for smartphone photography, designed to diffuse the flash and provide even lighting for practically any shot. Whether using a cellphone or another camera, the lightbox will help you take professional-grade images. Additionally, the ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo studio and turntable are entirely interactive with your smartphone.

The Foldio360 app helps you capture your 360-degree product image and upload it to SPINZAM, where you can share and use it online. All you need to do is set up your Foldio studio, place your product inside on the Foldio360, start the camera and let the app capture your 360-degree photo. The app allows real-time control over various features, including turntable rotation speed, exposure and the number of frames captured. This way, you won’t have to set up each shot manually.

6. Versatile, Interchangeable Backdrops

Each ORANGEMONKIE, INC photography lightbox for sale comes with at least one white and one black backdrop to complement a variety of subjects. All backdrops are simple to replace and made of durable, easy-to-clean material for maximum convenience. The Foldio2 Plus further improves on this design feature — simply clip in the new backdrop with the included magnetic bar for quick scene changes and enhanced efficiency.

When you purchase the compact Foldio1 Mini Studio, you’ll receive four interchangeable backdrops in white, black, gray and green to showcase your objects in the best light possible. Additional backdrop sets can be purchased for the Foldio2 Plus and Foldio3, featuring diverse color options such as beige, dusty blue, peach, brown, bright green and more. Easily swap between versatile backdrops, from simple solids to ones that recreate the appearance of wood or marble.

7. Innovation for Different Sized Objects

The Foldio series offers diverse lightboxes, allowing creators to shoot items of varying shapes and sizes. The variation in the amount of interior shooting space between our 10-inch Foldio1 and our 25-inch Foldio3 helps to accommodate numerous user needs.

The innovative Foldio2 Plus photo studio offers multi-angle shooting capabilities. A detachable top cover creates different openings at the front and top for effective angle adaptability. Remove the cover to shoot from above and create professional-quality flat-lay product images. This feature helps users capture smaller or more detailed items, making the Foldio2 Plus a popular choice among creators who take photos of jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, miniatures and more.

Alternatively, the Foldio3 allows creators to capture bigger ideas practically anywhere. The 25-by-25-inch foldable photo studio provides many of the same benefits as our other lightbox designs. However, as the largest version in the Foldio series, users can now upgrade their product photos for even larger items like shoes, purses and laptops.

8. Additional Accessories

Foldio series studios integrate smoothly with extra accessories for photography enhancement. Incorporate additional lighting elements, backdrops and smartphone lenses without worrying that you’ll compromise the effectiveness of the initial photo lightbox. In fact, optional light tech attached to the lightbox can enhance your ability to produce high-quality photos.

The Halo-bar lighting set provides advanced exposure adjustment. Attach the units easily onto the side or bottom magnet spots of any Folio2 Plus or Foldio3 studio. Then, control the Halo bars separately using the same dimming control as the studio LED strips. This level of control creates more exposure for your shots.

Another attachment that provides greater lighting control is the Foldio2 Plus front cover. Whether shooting from the front or above, the front cover can help mitigate light loss, preserve maximum interior brightness and avoid unwanted reflections.

Portable Light Studio Advantages

A photography lightbox is an easy, affordable means of capturing professional-quality product images without professional training or equipment. Those who use portable lighting setups from ORANGEMONKIE, INC to enhance their product photos can experience the many benefits of our photography solutions:

  • Increased credibility: By eliminating shadows, spots and glares, product colors are displayed as close to the actual item as possible. These high-quality photos showcase the objects in their best light, eliciting consumer confidence in your brand.
  • Boosted business: Using professional-grade product photography can drive conversions and increase traffic to your website. Create a more immersive product experience with 360-degree images to keep consumers thinking about your brand long after leaving your website.
  • Saved time and money: With fast setup and user-friendly operation, photo lightboxes don’t require any professional knowledge. There’s also no need for expensive photography sessions or lighting equipment, as Foldio series photo studios are all-in-one photography solutions.

ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo lightboxes are designed for photographing products from practically any industry. Consider upgrading your product images with an appropriately sized lightbox, whether you need to shoot photos of electronics, perfume, action figures, earrings, wallets or sneakers.

Lightbox Photography Software

If you’re looking to take your product photos to the next level with the Foldio360 Smart Turntable, you’ll want to utilize our innovative 360 product photography application, too. With the Foldio360 app, you can capture rotating images and customize them to your exact preferences.

Whether you’re using a smartphone connected via Bluetooth or a DSLR camera with IR connectivity, the Foldio360 app will pair with your Foldio360 Smart Turntable to create 360-degree interactive product images. Within the app, you’ll have access to four unique modes you can choose from based on your image requirements and preferred device. Plus, you can even take advantage of the many adjustable controls for single shots. For example, a creator may use the Foldio360 app without the Foldio360 Smart Turntable to change the shot proportion to a 1:1 aspect ratio.

The application has many built-in features and operational capabilities. The control panel can adjust various photography elements in real-time, including the shooting speed, number of frames, turntable rotation and brightness of the halo-edge light. Additional interactive features to improve your product photography include:

  • Background filter: Automatically detect an object’s outline and fill the background with pure-white color.
  • Exposure: Alter the amount of light that reaches your camera to create the best photos of your subject.
  • Color: Adjust the color temperature of your images to portray products as close to their actual appearance as possible.
  • Radar: Identify the object shape and automatically place it on the center point to facilitate 360-degree photography.
  • Crop: Change the aspect ratio of your photos and choose to crop them among selections for 1:1, 3:4 and 4:3 ratios.
  • Grid: Facilitate your photography process with options for line, circle and horizontal grids.

Once you’ve captured your 360-degree image, you can use the app to upload them to SPINZAM, our innovative 360-degree product view software. Generating your professional-grade photos through SPINZAM will allow you to share your 360 images virtually anywhere.

Tips for Product Photography

When taking pictures of whatever product you’re selling, you might not know where to start. It is more complex than “point and shoot,” even with innovative products from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. Whether you’re brand new to the field or are a long-time product photographer and want to learn more, here are some top tips for taking these images:

  • Use what you have: You don’t have to buy an expensive digital camera if you don’t already own one. If you’ve got a smartphone, the odds are high that it has a decent camera. Many of these built-in cameras have specialized features you can use along with your lightbox to ensure you get excellent product photos.
  • Have a tripod: If you purchase a tripod for your Foldio setup, take advantage of the steady shots it will provide. Tripods help you get the right angle every time and provide clear-cut images with improved stability.
  • Take photos at different angles or styles: One of the best ways to get the right pictures is to try multiple perspectives. Shoot on different backgrounds or with other props. Take images from straight on and at an angle. Play with the photos until you find the best ones for your products, then use that variety to showcase your items to your customers.
  • Show your product’s details: Whether you’re reselling something you’ve had for a while or new products you made on your own, you’ll want to highlight the details. Is there a specific pattern on that blouse? What about pockets on that bag you’re selling? Use your images to showcase these features and help draw in your audience.

The Benefits of ORANGEMONKIE, INC for Portable Lightbox Products

ORANGEMONKIE, INC is the first company to create a foldable photo studio. Since the creation of our Foldio1 in 2014, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in innovation dedicated to enhancing the lives of consumers — because everyone should be able to create high-quality product photos.

When you purchase an ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo light studio, your buying experience will include all of the following benefits:

  • Free shipping: All U.S. domestic orders you place will come with free shipping.
  • One-year warranty: We offer a one-year limited warranty on all of our products to keep you insured every time you order from us.
  • Secure checkout: We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your personal information remains protected during checkout.
  • Fast delivery: When you order from our website, your delivery is shipped out on the next workday and is trackable via your Order ID and billing email.
  • Ongoing support: After you receive your products, our after-sales support services will ensure an expert is there to serve you whenever you need it.

Enhance Your Photography With a Photo Lightbox for Sale From ORANGEMONKIE, INC Today

Browse our advanced product photography solutions, including the Foldio series of portable light studios, that enable users to create professional-grade images without photography experience or expensive equipment. Products from ORANGEMONKIE, INC provide a more affordable way to boost your conversion rate and website traffic.

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