Upload interactive 360° visuals
to your website easily with SPINZAM

by using iframe codes.

What is SPINZAM?

SPINZAM is a platform where you can view and share your 360° images. By uploading an image taken with the Foldio360 App or a DSLR camera, users can create an interactive 360° image.

This image can then be shared onto social media platforms or embedded into your website using the iframe code.

To manage your uploaded image or obtain the iframe code, visit the "My page" inside your SPINZAM account. Before copying and pasting the iframe code into your website, make sure to check if your website can host iframes.

At this time, we only support 640 x 640 resolution on SPINZAM. If a higher resolution is needed, please use our Foldio360 Application in combination with a third-party 360° image creation program.

How does SPINZAM work?

As the first company to ever create the Foldable Photo Studio, we thought it would only make sense to develop an innovative 360° viewer software that allows anyone to share 360° visuals instantly and upload to a website by an iframe.

SPINZAM has a 360° product viewer inside the platform. This viewer allows users to see the interactive 360° image that was created by stitching up the 24, 36, or 48 individual frames that was shot through our Foldio360 Application or a DSLR camera.

1. Upload to SPINZAM through our Foldio360 Application or SPINZAM website.

2. Go to your online SPINZAM account to get the iframe.

3. After making sure your website can host iframes, embed the iframe into your website.


What is Spinzam?

SPINZAM is an interactive 360 image viewer platform where you can create interactive 360 images (rotatable with your finger or mouse) and host them to share on your websites. Once the image is uploaded, an iframe code is generated, which you can copy and paste onto your website to embed the interactive image onto .You can use SPINZAM after taking 360 images with the Foldio360 application or your DSLR camera.

More information: Please visit SPINZAM Helpcenter

Is it free? Is there a monthly plan?

SPINZAM is currently free for Foldio360 users and provides three functions: upload, share, and generate iframe code.

Can I download the 360 images created on SPINZAM?

The interactive 360 image does not have a specific file format as it is a series of JPG files programmed to be shown in a 360 degree view. You can only export each frame image sources (JPG), GIF, or MP4 files from the Foldio360 app after taking photos with your smartphone in the “PHONE 360” mode.

Can I embed the interactive 360 image anywhere?

If you want to display the 360 images directly on your website, you first need to check if your website allows embedding “iframe code” on HTML editing mode. Some of the website providers currently do not allow iframe codes on their websites according to their own policy. Please check with your website policy before applying the 360 image iframe code to your website.

How to upload the 360 image from my smartphone or DSLR to SPINZAM

How to upload the 360 image onto your website

Please visit this link: UPLOAD TO YOUR WEBSITE