Top 7 Product Photography Shots For Ecommerce Success
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Top 7 Product Photography Shots For Ecommerce Success

Sep 19, 2023

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce where people are gravitating towards visual elements, visual appeal is key. This blog article suggests ways for your product photography to do more than just showcase your products on display by telling a story and providing value in that way. Below are different types of photography shots to try out to show your products in a new light and give customers more confidence in clicking that “Add to Cart” button. See what new heights you can bring to your ecommerce business with photography!

1. Individual Shot: Highlighting One Product

Baby shoe

Take individual shots to highlight your product and its unique features, setting it apart from the rest of your collection. This is one of the most common types of product photography often used in product catalogs or product listing pages. To make your product as eye-catching as possible, ensure that your background is simple and free of imperfections. Determine the style and mood you want to convey through your photographs and consider different photography composition practices such as the rule of thirds or negative space for the best results. This image was taken using the Foldio3 Lightbox and Foldio3 Colored Backdrop as props.

2. Group Shot: Displaying Bundles or Collections

Beauty serum group photo

If you’re selling products that can be used hand in hand with each other, consider photographing them together for group shots. Include multiple products in one photo while also showing how your products complement each other. This is a great way to increase your average order value by exposing customers to more of your products. For example, bundle sets are great for group shots and can be seen more often in the holiday season when brands are coming out with gift sets for example.

Get creative when arranging your different products in the shoot with different props and decorations. You could arrange your products in different styles following symmetric patterns or the rule of odds as options. We took this shot as a flat lay by utilizing the Foldio2 Plus Lightbox’s removable top cover to shoot from a bird’s eye perspective.

3. 360° Shot: Providing an Interactive Experience

Polaroid 360 GIF

Create 360° product images to give your customers as much of an in-person shopping experience as possible. Allowing them to swipe around from behind the screen and examine all angles of your product is a great way to provide a virtual hands on experience. Plus, this unique way of showing off your product is likely to increase website ranking and engagement time. Footwear brands, for example, tend to use 360 images as shoes are one of those products that can’t be captured in full with one shot.

We recommend using a turntable such as the Foldio360 Smart Turntable to easily create 360 images. This is what we did to achieve this 360 image. Although this turntable can be used on its own, you could pair it with the all-in-one portable photography studios like the Foldio2 Plus Lightbox or the Foldio3 Lightbox for the ultimate seamless and crisp results. If you specialize in smaller and more delicate pieces, try using the Foldio360 Smart Dome instead to see the best results.

4. Close-Up Shot: Accentuating the Subtle Details

Jewelry closeup

Hone in on the unique features, textures, and craftsmanship of your product. Zooming in on a product sets realistic expectations for the quality of your product and bridges the gap between an online and in-person shopping experience which may decrease return rates.

Having quality photography tools will help you capture fine details in the best light. A DSLR and macro lens in conjunction with perfected studio lighting should help you achieve the best quality detailed shots.

5. Packaging Shot: Showcasing Your Branded Packaging


Photograph your product along with the packaging it comes with! Incorporating packaging shots reinforces brand identity and shows customers what they should expect when they receive your package in the mail. When taking this type of shot, make sure that all logos, images, and important text are clearly visible and that your background compliments your brand packaging’s color schemes and concept. Get creative with it!

6. Scale Shot: Eliminating Uncertainty


Online shopping can be tricky because how a product appears online can be different from how it appears in real life, especially when it comes to size. This is why a scale shot might be beneficial for you. A scale shot involves placing a commonly known object next to your product in order to provide a reference for viewers to use for size comparison. In this photo for example, we’re using a hand bag.

Overall, having references like these in your photos will address size ambiguities and in turn reduce the likelihood of returns related to those matters.

7. In-Use Shots: Capturing Product Functionality

360-degree Watch

Capture your products in action with in-use shots to help customers visualize themselves using the product they’re contemplating on purchasing. These types of shots are popular within the lifestyle ecommerce brands in instances such as showing a kitchen gadget in action or a household cleaning product being applied onto countertops. This dynamic form of product photography may require more props and decoration in order to recreate a natural studio environment in which the product is being used. We’re using the Foldio3 Colored Backdrop Set C’s marble print to create more of a kitchen feel for this photoshoot.