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Foldio360 Smart Dome, Solution for Breathtaking Jewelry Photography

Sep 15, 2022

Your product photos capture the essence of your brand while providing customers with a unique and immersive buying experience. With the right photography solutions, you can make a positive impression on consumers by making your products pop.

With the Foldio360 Smart Dome by ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you can optimize your website with professional-quality product images. This innovative device comprises a dual-shell, dome-shaped structure designed to deliver precise, uniform lighting that makes shooting jewelry and other reflective pieces easy. When you purchase the Foldio smart dome, you can capture stunning 360-degree images with just the click of a button.

Features of the Foldio Smart Dome

Foldio360 Smart Turntable

The Foldio360 Smart Dome is your go-to solution for breathtaking jewelry photography in one compact device. When you purchase our revolutionary Smart Dome, you'll experience these advanced product features:

  • Smart turntable with 360-degree rotation
  • LED light adjustment system for color temperatures between 2,300 K and 5,600 K
  • Interchangeable magnetic covers for angle variation
  • Sliding door cover for light preservation and modification
  • Necklace hanger for easy jewelry display
  • Dome stand for height adjustment
  • Male thread with 3/8-inch tripod ball head

Advantages You'll Get With the Foldio360 Smart Dome

We understand that capturing visually appealing photos of small or reflective trinkets like jewelry can be challenging. That's why we created a streamlined solution for stunning and professional jewelry photography that eliminates light reflection and glare. Our product's dome-shaped structure effectively diffuses light, allowing you to showcase even the shiniest pieces without scattered lighting.

The Foldio360 Smart Dome can further amplify your product photography with these additional benefits:

  • Professional-grade photo quality
  • Customizable lighting and light diffusion capabilities
  • Shadow and reflection elimination
  • Easy adaptability to your product or environment
  • All-in-one photography solution
  • Convenient mobile, PC and camera compatibility
  • User-friendly operation
  • Unbeatable value
Smart Dome Jewelry

Expand Your Creativity With the Foldio360 Smart Dome by ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can make your products stand out with the Foldio360 Smart Dome from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We design our innovative photo studios with the user in mind, delivering solutions for anyone and everyone. With our state-of-the-art Foldio products, you can produce high-quality photos without paying professional equipment costs.

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