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Sep 01, 2022

The fashion industry is all about visual appearance. That’s why it’s vital that your eCommerce clothing and eyewear photography reflects the quality of your products, projecting an air of professionalism and visual appeal. With 360-degree model photography, you can make your merchandise pop, creating eye-catching images that make shoppers more likely to complete their transaction. The more customers who purchase your fashion products, the higher your web traffic and conversions will be.

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we’ve created a 360-degree fashion device and other innovative photography solutions designed to help users transform their websites with professional-grade product images. We originated the foldable photo studio, developing a product that anyone can use, regardless of training or experience.

Optimizing Your 360-Degree Fashion Photography

With lightboxes and other items from ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you can capture stunning product photos that visually sell your fashion merchandise to customers while providing them with an immersive shopping experience. Our photography solutions have many built-in components designed to show your products’ best features, creating optimal visual appeal.

Capture Your Colors With a White Background

Your backdrop may seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of your photos, but in reality, it can significantly impact how shoppers perceive your products. For example, a busy background can prove distracting to customers, while a solid, neutral-colored backdrop comes across as simple and effective. White backdrops are especially well-suited for fashion photography, eliminating distractions and cultivating a clean and professional image that makes colors pop.

You can give your merchandise the spotlight with portable photo studios from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. All three of our Foldio lightboxes — the Foldio3, Foldio2 Plus and Foldio1 — come with both a black and a white backdrop that easily adhere to the studio using magnetic clips or plastic tabs. The original Foldio1 comes with two extra backdrops in green and gray that offer additional background color options.

Project a High-Quality Image With the Proper Lighting

The lighting you use can make or break your product images — even the most high-quality designer brands can look second-rate under the wrong lighting. That’s why it’s essential to give your customers an accurate impression of your merchandise using effective lighting elements that highlight depth, texture, sharpness and contrast. It’s usually wise to avoid camera flashes, which can create harsh lighting and cast shadows over your products.

You can achieve the desired lighting effects that highlight your products’ most marketable features using Foldio photo studios and accessories from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. Our lightboxes comprise built-in lighting systems with dual or triple LED light strips that create optimal lighting while minimizing shadows. You can also equip your foldable studio with the Halo Bar lighting option, an accessory featuring two magnetic light bars that users can operate with the Foldio dimming controller for greater exposure control.

The Foldio2 Plus comes with additional lighting accessories, including the Foldio2 Plus Extra LEDF with extra light strips and the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover for minimum light loss. .

Create a 360-Degree Shopping Experience by Introducing Multiple Angles

Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of examining or trying on your fashion products in person. However, with 360-degree model photography, you can give them a comprehensive view of your merchandise, displaying your clothing from numerous angles, keeping customers informed and ensuring no feature goes unnoticed.

With the Foldio360 Smart Turntable, you can enable customers to engage with your products by offering a 360-degree shopping experience. This innovative smart turntable lets you to generate 360-degree images using nothing more than a Foldio studio and your smartphone. You can also use the Foldio360 application to control exposure, rotation speed and frame number to create 360-degree fashion shots that perfectly reflect your vision. The Foldio360 Smart Dome provides another all-inclusive solution for quality 360-degree photos.

Flat-lay shooting is also a beneficial angling strategy you can use for your eyewear photography. When you use the Foldio2 Plus, you can use its exclusive removable top cover to take product photos from above, offering another immersive view for your customers.

Make Your Fashion Photography Stand out With Photography Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can incorporate eye-catching views into your fashion photography with revolutionary photography solutions from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. Our innovative devices are designed to help users create professional-quality photos at the most affordable prices, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or photo sessions.

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