5 Product Photography Trends
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5 Product Photography Trends

Nov 08, 2022

In this Shoot At Home blog series, we wanted to share with you some trends in product photography. All photos in this blog were taken using our Foldio lighboxes.

Floating Polaroid

1. Levitating Objects

Giving your products a splash of surrealism is a hot topic, especially in the beauty industry. Surrealism was a cultural movement that started in Europe where artists depicted uncanny beauty. Adding some surrealism to a photo, can be very dreamy and divine. There is a balance between rational life and illogical dreams in these art pieces.

360-degree moving sunglasses

2. Moving Objects

There’s nothing better than showing your products in motion to grab the attention of your customers. This kind of video can be used as an ad or it can even be turned into a GIF to explain your product. Our 360 Turntable can help you make GIFs that drive engagement in minutes.

3. Authenticity

When thinking of authenticity, think of real scenes. Customers trust and love seeing unedited photographs. This can be a great way to share on social media your brand’s personality and values.

Taking photos wwith Foldio3 and Foldio360 Smart Turntable
Vivid repeasted minion

4. Vivid backgrounds and repetitive objects

There is nothing more fun than to make patterns with your product on a vivid background. This can be created on Photoshop from the product shots that are taken in a lightbox. We recommend our high-quality original Foldio Series. The vivid background will help your product stand out, and the repetitive pattern will create a sense of satisfaction.

Minimalism and shapes with mugs taking with Foldio

5. Minimalism and shapes

Showing your product minimalistically is a straightforward way to showcase your products to your customers. There is no overflow of excess props. Just a simple geometric shape and your object is all it takes to create a beautiful shot. We recommend you play around with the location of geometric shapes and the angle of your camera to capture a perfect powerful photo.