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3 Essentials for Product Photography

Apr 20, 2022

Having high-quality product photography helps your online shop stand out.

With great photos you can encourage consumers to spend more time on your online store, which will eventually help you gain more sales.

So in this post, we will be mentioning the essentials of taking high quality product photos. There are plenty of different factors to creating a great product photo but to keep it simple, we narrowed it down to three main factors.


Manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon and Sony provide great cameras for superb product photos. But it’s not only the camera body you have to consider. You also need a decent lens set-up to match the camera body.

The price of this packages could cost anywhere from at least $1,000 to who-knows-where, depending on your needs.


Lighting is the most essential part of product photography. Many people prefer to use natural light for their lighting options. However this is also a very limited lighting source which can be affected by the weather, windows or time of the day.

Artificial lighting equipment such as LED Rings or lighting umbrellas are also commonly used.


Most product photos are taken with a white background to emphasize your product without distraction. In addition, many major online marketplaces such as Google Shopping campaigns and Amazon require product images to come in pure white color background.

There are lots of options for a white background but one thing you want to avoid is not using a shiny substance that could reflect lighting.

How about a smartphone and Foldio?

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Obtaining all the above can be expensive and quite a nuisance, so here are some great alternatives!

Nowadays, smartphones also have powerful camera functions to create outstanding product photography. You can use any smartphone with a good camera, but newer models such as iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 with a 12 megapixel camera would help you get best results.

The Foldio is an all-in-one studio which contains lighting and backdrops for your product photography. The lighting of the Foldio offers a daylight white color of 5700K, which is the most similar to natural lighting.

Also the Foldio comes with replaceable backdrops (White/Black) to help you create the product photo you prefer. To find out more, click here.