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Our Story

How we started?

ORANGEMONKIE, INC was founded on the idea that photography is for everyone. Before our company, there was nothing on the market like our Foldable Lightboxes. Our Founders came together as a hobby to start a small crowdfunding project while they were all managing a full-time job in the Tech industry. 

The first product that they created were small accessory products, but that is when they felt the need for a home studio product. While uploading new projects on crowdfunding websites, they thought their project would look so much more eye-catching if they had higher quality photos. When researching nearby studios for professional photography, the studio rental prices were too high. So instead, the founders took their need and found a solution themselves. They created a foldable design lightbox to shoot their accessory products. This is when they realized that they need to launch this product as well. At the time they had no idea that our company would become as credible and popular as today because of the Foldio1 launch. 

Starting off as a small creator in the internet world, we know how important presenting yourself professionally is.  Which is why we provide high quality products for everyone to effortlessly shoot professional photos for an affordable price.

We are grateful that we came to the point of our business where professional photographers and amateur photographers can come together to produce the same high quality product photos.

Who are we?

ORANGEMONKIE is a team of creative professionals from diverse backgrounds split between two offices - California, South Korea, and China. We strive to provide useful and high quality products made with simplicity in mind. In 2014, we launched our first foldable lightbox studio, The Foldio, on Kickstarter and our journey started there. Crowdfunding allows us to create products with very close customer feedback. We prioritize customer feedback and without our customers we wouldn’t be able to bring all of our products to life. 

Expand your creativity with ORANGEMONKIE.


Campaign Year Backers Raised
Foldio360 Smart Dome 2021 819 $271,815
Foldio3 2017 4,551 $803,977
Foldio360 Smart Turntable 2016 4,296 $571,960
Foldio2 2015 6,729 $541,991
Foldio1 2014 3,850 $171,764

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Our Name

"ORNAGEMONKIE" is one word, spelled with a big O and M.

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