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Shoe Photography

Sep 01, 2022

When customers shop for shoes online, their buying decisions are heavily based on the quality of the product images. When you implement innovative shoe photography that emphasizes the quality and appearance of your footwear, customers are more likely to invest in them. With shoe photography boxes, you can achieve the desired photo effects to make your merchandise stand out, increasing web traffic and conversions to your site.

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we make sports product photography simpler and more efficient than ever with our state-of-the-art Foldio lightboxes and accessories. As the first company to ever create a foldable photo studio, we took the first step toward revolutionizing the way people do product photography.

How to Amp up Your Shoe Photography

When you use shoe photography boxes and accessories from ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you can depict your products in the most favorable light, using various components and features to visually sell your footwear to customers. Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger or an eCommerce seller, our photography solutions will be sure to make your footwear stand out.

Taking shoes photography with Foldio3 Full Set

Showcase Your Shoes With a Clean and Simple Background

The background you use for your photos plays an important role in how the image comes across to viewers. A busy background can distract from your shoes, making shoppers less likely to buy them. On the other hand, solid backdrops — especially white ones — are well suited for shoe photography, projecting a clean and professional image that focuses the attention on your footwear, making it the focal point of the picture.

Shoe photography boxes make the perfect backdrop for any pair of shoes, providing a consistent and professional background that helps them stand out. The Foldio1, Foldio2 Plus and Foldio3 portable studios include sleek white and black backdrops that attach easily with magnetic strips or plastic tabs. You’ll also receive extra gray and green backdrops when you purchase the Foldio1 for more neutral background options. For Foldio2 Plus and Foldio3, you can pruchase colored backdrop sets for more coloreful background options.

Illuminate Your Footwear With Adequate Lighting Solutions

Implementing effective lighting into your shots is crucial for cultivating a high-quality product image. Even if you’re selling the most fashionable shoes on the market, viewers may get the wrong impression of them if the lighting isn’t right. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid harsh lighting like camera flashes that can cast shadows over your products and alter the color profile.

You can achieve the best lighting for your sports product photography with devices and accessories from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. All of our foldable studios have a built-in LED lighting system with either dual or triple light strips for optimal lighting and minimal shadows. You can further enhance your lighting with the Halo bar accessory, a device with two magnetic light bars that you can easily attach to your Foldio lightbox and operate via a dimming controller.

If you have or are looking to purchase the Foldio2 Plus, you can accompany it with the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover to minimize light loss or the Foldio2 Plus LED Strip Set, complete with additional LED light strips for maximum brightness.

Capture Every Angle With a 360-Degree View of Your Shoes

Shoes are dynamic items that give customers something to look at on every side — so why would you show just one angle in your product photos? Incorporating a 360-degree view of your shoes gives shoppers a comprehensive image that depicts them more accurately than a single still image can, ensuring no feature goes unnoticed. When customers have a clear visual of your footwear, they’re more likely to commit to buying them.

The Foldio360 Smart Turntable and the Foldio360 Smart Dome allow users to create immersive 360-degree images with just the click of a button. All you have to do is set up your shoe photography box, place the device inside, turn it on and launch the Foldio360 app to generate a 360-view from your smartphone. This application enables you to control frame number, rotation speed and exposure in real-time for expert sports product photography shoots.

Optimize Your Sports Product Photography With Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can capture 360-degree views of your shoes with photography lightboxes from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We believe that photography is universal — that’s why we designed a solution made for anyone and everyone. With our innovative Foldio studios, you don’t have to go through intensive photography training, purchase expensive equipment or book professional photoshoots to capture high-quality product images for your website.

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