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Portable Light Box for Photography Education Classes

Sep 06, 2022

The ability to take a clear, focused photograph is a valuable skill in today’s visual society, especially for students who plan to go into marketing or business fields.

When teaching photography, it’s essential to give your students resources that can help them succeed. Light boxes are easy to use and provide your students with a simple, efficient way to take clear product photos.

What Is a Photography Table-Top Light Box?

Foldido1 and Foldio2 Plus inside Foldio3

Light boxes are an ideal way for students to practice taking professional-grade product photos from 360-degree angles. A light box, also called a white box or a light tent, is an empty box with a smooth, plain interior and a white backdrop.

This design allows users to take focused photographs with a blank background in good lighting with no shadows. Professionals often use light boxes for product photoshoots so they can get a clear image of single items from multiple angles for product descriptions or web design.

With a portable light box, you get a photo-ready staging arena that can make any item look professional and distinct.

How to Use a Portable Light Box

Light boxes make taking quality product images easy for anyone, even those with no experience with photography equipment. You can play around with different setups before you find one you like for the product you’re shooting.

Taking plant with Foldio3 and Tripod50V

For a standard setup, use the following steps to capture high-quality photos with your light box:

  1. Place your light box at the end of a table or desk with light sources directly opposite each other on either side of your tripod or camera.
  2. Ensure your light box backdrop is smooth and free of any wrinkles or dust for a clean background.
  3. Center your product in the light box and start snapping photos. You can move your item around between shots to try out different angles.
  4. Get creative with your setup. Experiment with new lighting positions, move your tripod closer or farther away or try new angles for a diverse collection of images.

Benefits of Using Photography Education Equipment

Keeping a variety of photography equipment in your classroom gives students the chance to practice various techniques and develop valuable skills they can apply in their future careers. Tools such as professional dimmable shooting tent kits offer students a unique opportunity to practice professional product photography skills in the classroom.

You can increase your students’ professional skill set and boost their confidence as they enter the workforce by giving them the resources to perfect marketable photography techniques.

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