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Etsy Product Photography

Sep 07, 2022

Product photography is a hugely significant part of generating sales on Etsy. The site reports that 90% of their shoppers said product photo quality was an important consideration to them when making buying decisions.

You can take your product images to the next level with innovative photography solutions from ORANGEMONKIE, INC.

Tips for Your Etsy Product Photography

The next time you take photos of your Etsy merchandise, consider keeping these suggestions in mind to transform your images.

Cupcake eCommerce Style Photo

Make Products Stand Out With a Simple Background

Etsy is all about visual aesthetics — that’s why choosing the right backdrop for your products is of the utmost importance. Many sellers use simple white backdrops to convey a clean and professional look, while others incorporate colors that complement their products. Whichever you decide, it’s essential that your background puts shoppers’ focus on your merchandise.

Whether you purchase the Foldio1, Foldio2 Plus or Foldio3, photo studio, you’ll receive a crisp white and sleek black backdrop that’ll make your merchandise stand out, along with green and gray backdrops exclusive to the Foldio1. All of our product backgrounds attach easily to the Foldio with plastic tabs or magnetic strips.

Highlight the Best Features With Lighting Effects

The lighting in your photos can make or break your product sales. When working on your Etsy product photography, be sure to incorporate lighting effects that give your merchandise a positive image. To do this, you can use lighting tricks to add depth, texture, contrast and sharpness to your product photos to make them look as appealing as possible.

Our foldable studios feature LED lighting systems with either dual or triple light strips, depending on the Foldio model you choose. This advanced lighting design eliminates shadows while maximizing lighting capacity. You can purchase the Halo bar as well, an accessory that includes two high-quality light bars that adhere to the sides or bottom of the Foldio, allowing you to adjust the exposure using a handheld controller.

The Foldio2 Plus is also compatible with numerous lighting accessories, such as the Foldio2 Extra LED Kit, which includes additional light strips for more brightness. Another option is the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover that provides advanced lighting control.

If you are photographing jewelry, the all-new Foldio360 Smart Dome is the perfect tabletop studio to achieve optimal lighting for your product photos.

Taking cupcake eCommerce photo with Foldio1

Diversify Your Photos With Multiple Angles

Etsy allows sellers 10 photo slots per product listing. Since your customers can’t view your items in person, you can fill these spots with images featuring your products at numerous angles to give shoppers a complete picture of the product’s appearance. You can further diversify your photography with still photos, 360-degree images and videos.

One of our most popular products yet, the Foldio360 rotating turntable, enables you to capture 360-degree photos and videos, giving customers a more interactive shopping experience. When used with the Foldio360 application, you can adjust elements like frame number, exposure and speed control in real-time and easily upload them to SPINZAM.

You can also take flat-lay photos using the removable top cover feature from the Foldio2 Plus, allowing you to display your products form above for a new and engaging perspective.

Optimize Your Etsy Listings With Product Photography Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can enhance your Etsy product photography with innovative solutions from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We are the first company to develop the foldable photo studio, and we’re ready to help you drive online sales and conversions with our revolutionary photo studios and accessories.

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