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Newegg Product Photography

Sep 07, 2022

As a part of an e-commerce marketplace like Newegg, it’s vital that your products stand out from the competition. One of the first things shoppers notice when browsing these websites is the product listings — specifically, product photos. When you display your merchandise using high-quality Newegg product photography, you can boost conversions and increase revenue.

ORANGEMONKIE, INC has the revolutionary photography tools you need to take your product images up a notch and establish yourself as a reputable e-commerce seller. We are the first company to develop the foldable photo studio, making us your go-to resource for next-level photography solutions.

Optimizing Your Newegg Product Photography

When taking photos of your merchandise for Newegg, there are some vital tips you can follow to capture the perfect images.

Taking producdt photo with Foldio2 Plus

Make Products Pop With a White Backdrop

Newegg prohibits sellers from using borders, logos, text or watermarks for their product images. Rather, they suggest using a white background to highlight your merchandise. White backdrops eliminate visual distractions and focus shoppers’ attention on the product while projecting a clean and professional image for your items and brand.

Foldio portable photo studios from ORANGEMONKIE, INC each come with an easily attachable pure white and sleek black backdrop, whether your purchase the Foldio1, Foldio2 Plus and Foldio3. The Foldio1 also comes with one gray and one green backdrop for other neutral background options.

Illuminate Your Products With Effective Lighting

Good lighting does more than just make your merchandise easier to see — it can also bring out your products’ best physical features by playing with elements like sharpness, depth, contrast and texture. These effects make your items look more vibrant and higher in quality compared to other products.

ORANGEMONKIE, INC portable studios have built-in dual and triple lighting systems with luminous light strips that optimize product lighting while reducing shadows. We also offer a top-of-the-line accessory called the Halo Bar lighting option. It features two magnetic lighting bars that you can operate using the dimming controller from your Foldio lightbox to add greater exposure to your shots.

Taking producdt photo with Foldio2 Plus

The Foldio2 Plus lets you further maximize your lighting with the Foldio2 Extra LED Set, complete with more dimmable lighting strips. We also carry the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover to minimize light loss using a flexible plastic structure.

Show Your Merchandise From Every Angle

E-commerce sites do not allow customers to physically observe or interact with merchandise, which can put sellers at a disadvantage. However, you can still give shoppers an immersive buying experience by implementing various angles into your Newegg product photography. With 360-degree images and other multidimensional photos, you can provide customers with a more comprehensive product visual.

Foldio360 Smart Turntableis a user-friendly turntable that enables users to seamlessly capture 360-degree photos and videos. Our product comes with a Foldio360 application that allows you to adjust frame number, rotation speed and lighting exposure from the convenience of your mobile phone. If you need customizable lighting and want to eliminate shadows altogether, our Foldio360 Smart Dome provides an ideal solution.

You can further diversify your angles by using the Foldio2 Plus’ detachable top cover to create flat-lay photos from above.

Boost Conversions With Effective Newegg Product Photography Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can step up your Newegg product photography by using innovative Foldio products from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We create photography solutions that help users take professional-grade photos without the high cost of professional equipment or photoshoots.

For more information on our Foldio studios and accessories, email us at today!

Newegg Product Photography