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360 Product Video

Sep 06, 2022

As technology continues to rapidly advance, it only makes sense that product photography would follow. With online shopping at an all-time high, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest photography trends to depict your merchandise as professionally as possible. That’s why many sellers are looking to 360 product videos to make their products stand out.

Spin product photography gives companies a distinct advantage against competitors, delivering a unique and immersive online shopping experience with 360-degree images. When you give shoppers accurate and comprehensive product views, they feel more confident in the quality of the products on display and are more likely to buy.

You can create 360-degree product views that exude style and professionalism with photography solutions from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. As the creators of the first foldable photo studio, we’re pioneers dedicated to developing product photography solutions for everyone.

Tips for Enhancing Your Spin Product Photography

Because 360-degree product videos are growing in popularity, it’s important that yours stand out from the competition. With the right photography equipment and skills, you can create sleek and eye-catching images that will optimize your website — and ORANGEMONKIE, INC can help.

Use a Motorized Turntable for Smooth Rotation

The key to producing high-quality 360 product displays is a reliable rotating turntable. These motorized lazy susans allow users to achieve a smooth and steady spin with automation that eliminates the challenges of manual movement.

The Foldio360 Smart Turntable from ORANGEMONKIE, INC is a state-of-the-art 360-degree product photography solution that offers all the benefits of automatic platform rotation, along with additional features that take turntable technology to the next level. This smartphone-compatible device uses infrared sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to help users generate captivating product videos. The Foldio360 Turntable also has a built-in Halo Edge light system, an adjustable lighting feature that you can dim or brighten to your liking.

When photographing larger objects, you can use the Foldio360 Extension Plate, a 20-inch platform that extends four times the diameter of the Foldio360 Smart Turntable.

Taking 360-Degree Photo with Foldio360 Smart Dome

Perfect Your Lighting With a Specialized Photo Studio

Even the highest quality products can look substandard under the wrong lighting, which is why lighting is a vital aspect of any image. When you use a portable lightbox for your 360 product display, you can achieve better lighting effects and showcase your merchandise with greater depth, sharpness and texture.

The Foldio360 Smart Dome is a photo studio developed specifically for spin product photography, making it ideal for your 360-degree video needs. This revolutionary lightbox features a dual-shell, dome-shaped construction designed to diffuse light while eliminating reflection and glare, making it easier than ever to shoot reflective pieces like jewelry. It features an adjustable LED lighting system that you can use to achieve color temperatures between 2,300K and 5,600K and even includes a built-in rotating turntable.

Get the Right Angle With an Adjustable Tripod

Creating professional-looking 360 product videos requires a steady hand — or a steady tripod. Setting up a tripod to shoot your 360-degree videos is an excellent way to ensure that all stills are captured at the same height and angle. This prevents the finished product from looking shaky and uneven. Tripods are excellent for delivering balance and stability when taking spin photos.

ORANGEMONKIE, INC offers portable tripods you can rely on when taking 360-degree images. Our aircraft-grade aluminum and premium high-density carbon fiber options both feature leg angle adjustment and locking capabilities, an anti-skim system, and smartphone and DSLR compatibility. Depending on your choice, you may also receive replaceable foot spikes, a pan bar or a smartphone mount.

Finalize Your Product 360-Degree View Using a Reliable Software

Producing a high-quality 360-degree product view doesn’t stop after the shooting session ends. Once you’ve captured your images, you can further perfect them by editing the visual elements using a dependable application. You’ll also need a 360-degree viewer to upload, store and share your finalized video with the world.

You can use the Foldio360 app to customize your moving images to reflect your personal preferences. Our user-friendly application is compatible with smartphones and DSLR cameras and comes with four control modes that you can use based on your needs. It also allows you to modify numerous image elements, including background filter, rotation speed, exposure, frame number and more.

After you edit your video, you can upload it to SPINZAM, a specialized platform that generates shareable links for your 360 images that you can post anywhere, from Amazon to Shopify to WordPress.

Create 360-Degree Product Videos With Spin Product Photography Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE

You can perfect your 360 product displays with products and software from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We believe that anyone should be able to take high-quality photos — that’s why we built the first-ever foldable studio made for everyone.

For more information about our Foldio products, email us at support@orangemonkie.com today!

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