Your item was sent via ‘Registered Mail’
Please follow the instructions below to track your item.


- Confirm your tracking number via email.(Also you can find it on  TRACKING Page.)

- Click this link :
- Put your tracking number in the box and click  the ‘Track with options’ button.


500w_step2_inkoraWhen it arrives in ‘INCHEON’, it’s ready to be shipped to your country from Incheon international airport.



After an average of 7 to 10 business days (It can take longer depending on each country’s customs or post office system) , your item will be registered on the post office website of your country.
Click ‘Select country’.
Find your country and click it.
Then the system will automatically confirm your tracking number on the post office website of your country.

500w_step3_select_country 500w_step4_usps


If you still can’t find your item information after more than a  month has passed, please call the post office and check your item with the tracking number.

More information about shipping issues is described on our shipping information page.