SPINZAM is 360 image platform where you can create interactive 360 images (Touchable, rotatable) and host them to share on your websites.
You can use SPINZAM after taking 360 images with Foldio360 smart turntable and Foldio360 application.


– Store and Hosts your images to use it on your website.
– Allows you to manage your images on ‘My page’.
– Creates a unique code to embed the 360 images.
– Easy to share the 360 images social networks.
– Creates the interactive 360 image from the image sources of a DSLR camera.


From a Smartphone

1. Take photos with Foldio360 turntable and Foldio360 application
2. Upload your 360 image to SPINZAM directly from Foldio360 image gallery
3. Embed & Share

From a DSLR camera

1. Take photos with Foldio360 turntable and your camera
2. Visit SPINZAM website and upload the image sources to SPINZAM from your camera memory card
3. Edit and Save
4. Embed & Share


Is it free? Monthly plan?
– SPINZAM is free for the Foldio360 users and it provides only upload and share function currently. For this reason, there are some limitations to utilize it.
We will keep working on improving the website. Please stay connected with us.

Can I download the 360 images created on SPINZAM?
– The interactive 360 image (Touchable & rotatable) is not a specific format, it’s a series of JPG files programmed to be shown as the 360 degree view. You can only download each frame image sources, GIF, MP4 files from the Foldio360 application after taking photos with SMARTPHONE MODE.

Is the interactive 360 image available for all websites?
– If you want to express the interactive 360 images on your website directly, your website should allow “iframe code” on HTML editing mode. Some of website providers don’t allow iframe code on their websites according to their own policy. You need to check this before applying the 360 image iframe code to your website.

Higher resolution?
– SPINZAM provides only 640 x 640 resolution 360 image currently. If you want to create higher resolution 360 image than 640 x 640 with your smartphone, please export the image sources from the Foldio360 application to use third party programs. Or you can use a DSLR camera to create the higher image sources.

More information : Please visit SPINZAM Helpcenter

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