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[ORDER / PAYMENT related]


The buyer must provide an address written in English.

If your address provided is in a language other than English (roman characters with no accents), we will be unable to ship your order.


My credit card is not working

Please check it with your credit card company if you experience any problems. The most common issues are due to an expired card, exceeded credit limit, or authorization denial.


I want to purchase a product without a paypal account.

OK! You can purchase a product without a paypal account. Click here to check it out.

How to purchase a product without a paypal account.

I seem to be having trouble ordering?

Please make sure you are using either Chrome or Firefox. If you still experience problems, please contact us via our contact form.


[SHIPPING related]


Have my items been sent yet?

Shipment will depend on which item you ordered.  Average order processing duration will be  1~2 business days. The actual date of delivery will also depend on the country the items are being sent to.
We will send you a confirmation email with your tracking number after shipment.


Which carrier will my products be shipped with?

Though packages are generally shipped via expressing shipping company. Customers may not select the courier.


Can I specify a day for delivery?

Unfortunately not at present.


Can you ship to my country?

We will not service any country that is not listed on the ‘Checkout page’ because of customs issues. We will do our best to solve this issue and make it available as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenience.


Customs fee / Import tax

Please understand that delivery may be delayed depending on the customs clearance procedures for your country.
We receive only the payment about a product and shipping service through this website.
Since custom rules and regulations differ per region, in addition to the shipping and handling fees charged with your order, import taxes and other fees (such as customs clearance fees) may be imposed. All taxes and fees incurred after shipment are the customer’s responsibility.
Please contact your local customs office directly for more information before ordering our product.


Can I change the shipping address?

After the order has been placed, it is hard to change the shipping address. Once the product is shipped out, you can contact the courier company with your tracking number to receive the product on a different address.